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Tania Rose Fox 
Lunar Vinyasa Yoga



A nourishing holistic yoga class incorporating mindful meditation, breath awareness, asana and deeply relaxing nidra.

The Totnes Natural Health Centre is a clean, hygienic and spacious venue, following all necessary protocols to keep you safe -
the centre takes the ongoing pandemic situation seriously and has implemented extensive safety measures.

* Book ahead to reserve a place - max 8 places per class

To book, please email me (use the contact form here if you don't have my email address)

* Please arrive no more than 10 mins before class starts (ie 5.50pm)

* Please honour your booking & show up on the day - I may have had to turn down others who could have taken your place.

I will ask no-shows to still pay for their place as I need to make every booking count!)

* Please bring your own mat (& any props you need eg blanket, cushion, strap).

See here for more info  about how the Totnes Natural Health Centre is providing a safe space for you in this post-covid world...

Please note these classes are not suitable for under-16s (regardless of whether or not they are with an adult),

and under current government guidelines, children should not be left waiting in the reception area.
​- Please arrive 5-10mins early (no earlier)

If it's your first time, you'll also need to complete a short health form.

Each class begins with a short guided meditation & breath awareness, before we move into some physical practices, and eventually return to rest in stillness; I share yoga as an embodied, meditative and spiritual practice for self-healing, self-inquiry & nurturing, so if you just want a strong physical workout this might not be the right class for you, though I do offer opportunities to challenge yourself physically as part of the practice.